Instruksi Untuk Menjadi Premium Member dan Pricing Plan

How to become a premium member

Hi All,

First of all, thank you for your support and for signing up to our service. So far, we have opened this website for public. We truly hope you have seen the value that we have offered so far :).

With that being said, we are now going to restrict our new monthly research for paying members.

Our Price:

  • 1 Bulan: IDR 149,000 per bulan

  • 3 Bulan: IDR 129,000 per bulan (IDR 387,000 dibayar di depan)

  • 6 Bulan: IDR 99,000 per bulan (IDR 594,000 dibayar di depan)

Payment Instructions:

You can transfer to:

  • BCA: 5681294806 a/n Reza Cahya

  • Mandiri: 1670001086254 a/n Reza Cahya

Setelah itu bisa kirim kita whatsapp di 0821 - 1629 - 1735 ; dengan format:

Nomer HP:
Paket yang dipilih: 1/3/6 bulan

Daftar Sekarang

Thank you!